Private yoga class in tel aviv

i'm happy to offer private yoga classes in tel aviv.
yoga classes include a variety of yoga poses, breathing & relaxation techniques, all modified according to the student's needs and capabilities.
yoga private sessions can give the student the best support dealing with a health problem, improving flexlibility, strentgh and concentration and for people that would like to practice yoga on their own convinient time and place.

The classes are 1 hour each and are held in park hayarkon or the student home.

I've had experience in different health and mental conditions, teaching for the last 10 years in yoga studios in tel aviv (mainly prana yoga) and doing many private yoga therapy sessions, and i'll be happy to guide you in your yoga way
i'm fluent in english and have exprience in teaching yoga to different populations.

you're welcome to write me here and ask any questions.

usually i write yoga content in hebrew but here's someting i wrote about balance poses tips